Outside Lighting

In recent years, our gardens are becoming more of a focal point. We can get ideas from watching gardening programmes on television. We seem to want more than a security light in the back garden. This article will give you some ideas on how to create the perfect night time garden.

Imagine, on a hot summers evening, you’re sitting in the garden but you can’t see where the path is. To overcome this problem, you could place small bollard style lights down the outside of the pathway to give you a lot of light. Or, if you fancied a more natural feel, you could place garden rock lights at various points along the path, just to emit enough light for you to see where you are stepping. Driveway bollards

Garden rock lights could also be used to emphasise your favourite plant or shrub. They are designed to give a low silhouette of the feature and can be concealed in flower beds creating a subliminal feeling.

Spotlights can be used to enhance a specific area such as a water feature, landscape wall or a potted palm. This type of lighting is also a good way to light up a narrow driveway and is very often used as a security measure.

Outdoor wall lights or sconces are often used to light up the front of the house. This gives a welcome feel to your home. There are many traditional lantern styles available as well as the modern contemporary stainless steel designs.

Decked areas can be illuminated by using recessed LED lights in a range of shapes and sizes. They are designed to be walked on and will provide safety and light to stepped areas. Colour filters are available to create a moonlighting effect making the light softer and more subtle. Lamps can be hung from the banisters giving light at eye level so that you can read or do other tasks that require lighting. Small party or fairy lights can be trailed around a gazebo or parasol to add soft light from above, imitating the stars.

Garden ponds, large or small, look enchanting at night time with floating lights upon the surface. If you’re worried about the cost of wiring and electric near water, solar powered pond lights are available at reasonable prices nowadays. They should not generate any heat in the water and come with coloured filters so that you can change the lighting effect.