Maintain Your Scooters Mobility

Purchasing a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair can be a huge investment; therefore it is very important to keep it maintained. There are many different choices when it comes to mobility scooters. Customers can choose between full size, heavy duty, luxury and travel models. Once you choose the scooter that fits your lifestyle, follow these steps to make it last as long as possible.

Care for the battery
– Make sure you stick to the batteries maintenance schedule, as this varies based on the model. The battery life is one of the most important aspects of scooter; you don’t want to be stranded by a dead battery the next time you are ready to go. Following the advice from the manufacture will surely save you plenty of time. Fully charging the battery on a daily basis leads to a more efficient and longer battery life. If you need to replace the battery make sure that you dispose of it according to the local guidelines scootmobiel

Keep it Dry
– In order to keep the scooter protected it is important to avoid moisture and extreme temperatures. Many decide to purchase wet weather tarps if the scooter is stored in an area that is occasionally exposed to the elements. If the scooter gets dirty make sure to only clean it off with a damp cloth. Using a hose may cause unnecessary damage to the scooter.

Check the tires
– It’s important to make sure that the tires always have the appropriate air pressure. The recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) information will be found in the manual. It’s also necessary to check the tires punctures and any signs of wear and tear. If you are interested in eliminating the risk of a flat tire, there are a few scooter models that have solid tires. This will allow for a smoother ride and lowers the risk of any other tire issues.

Schedule routine inspections
– Just like a car, even the best maintained scooters should go in for an inspection at least once a year. The local repair shop will be able to locate and handle any unsuspected issues that may arise from the assessment. This process usually takes about two hours. In order to guarantee the best price, it may be wise to compare quotes from different repair shops.