Introduction to Outsourcing Your Online Business

Outsourcing is a huge part of making making money online. It allows you to scale your business in a way that you normally can’t by yourself. It takes a lot of work, and low cost labor doesn’t come easy or cheap all of the time. Depending on who you outsource to, there may be training that needs to be done, they may take 3 months before they start paying for themselves, etc.

Outsourcing your online business is a great way to continue growth. The ability to outsource mundane tasks to employees you can pay $2-5 per hour is a great way to offload your workload and increase your own personal productivity.

You have a lot of option in terms of countries in the world in which you can hire outsourcers from. You can stick with your home country where the cost per hour will be higher but communication and productivity may also be higher, so you have to weigh cost vs. productivity. There are many countries including India and the Philippines which are much cheaper in price but productivity may be decreased.

An example is an assistant I once hired had constant power outages so her work would be delayed 2-8 hours until the power came back online before she could start working again. This obviously hurt her lifestyle and productivity as much of her day was spent sitting around waiting to be able to start working.

There are many things to consider when hiring an assistant from a foreign country, but the biggest things are their pay rate, time zone, and skill.

The pay rate is always negotiable for countries in Asia and other parts of the world. The whole economy works like that (unlike the United States where it’s a set price for everything). People are willing to work for less with a potential for bonuses every month if they perform well, for example. One of the best things to do is a trial run with the person, have them do a few tasks for you for one day and see how much they get done, how many problems the have, and how much they will cost you per day.

Time zone isn’t a major factor, however it is nice to know exactly what time they will be online in your timezone. My assistant always started at 10pm my time, so I could assign him tasks before bed and know he had something to do all day for him. Make sure you know the timezones so you know the best way and time to contact your outsourcers.

Skill is debatable, some people will call themselves an expert when they are clearly not. However, most tasks that people want completed for their business can be easily trained. Creating 5-10 5 minute screen captures of what you want your employees to do, will save you a ton of time and allow you to hire “unskilled” laborers for a much lower price and train them to do the tasks for you.